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Product #1: Love1Another Tee

This is our classic volunteer tee in light biege. ARMiMEN logo on the front, John 13:34 design on the back.

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On-board with mission dad-care? We’re in need of support from people just like you. Helping is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Fund the “DadPads” program.

ARMi is looking for investors to partner with us in building mobile tiny home units (DadPads) so that dads can stay close to their kids.

Fund DadPads by giving online.

2. Sponser Mark, a dad-in-need.

ARMi has been working with Mark Michno now for over a month, helping him with the details of “starting over”. Currently we have an urgent need to help M.M. find a safe and affordable home that will keep him close and active in his 3 children’s lives.

Our request is that all who have experienced trials, examine their blessings and give accordingly. ARMi plans to match donations dollar for dollar in extended support for M.M. as he traverses this strange experience known to the world as “Single Fatherhood”.

Help Mark by giving online.

3. Send support to ARMi directly.

Direct donations to ARMi via US Mail are welcome as well. Please make your personal or company check payable to:

23726 Whale Cove
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Thank you for your support.


We’re building a team of men. If you’re interested in exploring

opportunities to serve alongside ARMi, please get in touch.

Click the link below to get the conversation started.



We need it. None of our work is possible

without God’s agape presence working in us.

In this season, ARMi is praying for…

  • Carpentry work for OC DaVinci
  • Donors for DadPads
  • Connections for land to build on
  • ARMiMEN volunteer team to come together
  • Dads-in-need located and connected with us
  • (updated Oct’22)

Let us know how we can pray for you.

We are so grateful for your support,

thanks for helping us to share agape.

Let’s get in touch.

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