Agape Restoration Management Inc.

Our mission is to help

families stay together

by caring for .DADS.

Welcome to ARMi

Our story.

Everybody at ARMi has been moved by a heart to help others. Unofficially, this 501(c)3 non-profit sprung up in 2018 after the completion of our first community development project. Since then, our focus has narrowed into a volunteer service corps dedicated to providing economically challenged seniors and the disabled with much needed repairs on their homes. ARMi’s main hub for outreach has been the small desert town of Bombay Beach, California.

This one-of-a-kind, desert/seaside community is quite unlike the rest of southern California. Despite one of the lowest incomes per capita in the state, Bombay Beach is a microcosm of all cities everywhere. The town locals as well as the seasonal artistic community have become a wellspring of joy to the ARMiMEN, as the community continues to learn to freely share AGAPE with one another. ARMi also supports Little Church on the Beach (a mission of Salthaus Ministries) Sunday AM service, praising the Creator with worship music in the open air at Bascilica by the Sea.

Our team.

Brotherjohn Spoon

Bj’s passion is to serve his Creator. Born the middle child in a family of ten, Bj advocates for the Father’s relationship in all he thinks, says, and does. He likes to draw.

Mary Ann Spoon

An educator by trade, Mary Ann is a firm believer in the importance of a father’s love- She is a constant source of inspiration to those working with her. She likes dogs.

Our vision.

As we are called to serve The Creator, it is our hope at ARMi that our message and zeal for helping others is contagious. While our current roster of volunteers and service providers do great things together, we need your help too.  Whether you would like to help with one or two service calls a month, work our phone campaign or even contribute financially to cover expenses, our prayers and gratitude would forever be with you as a partner in the success of this mission.  Other ways we are looking for assistance is grant writing and proposals, social media content management, and a host of other disciplines that make an effort go forward smoothly.

Don’t bury your talents, help someone today with the skills you have to share. Click below to learn more.

“We are stepping out boldly, this season, to activate our mission and share God’s glory with the people around us.” It is true that the giving is for the giver.

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We’re looking for partners like you

There are many different ways that you can help ARMi serve it’s mission field. Opportunities include monthly financial support, corporate vendor relationships, office support staff and service corps volunteers. We also seek your prayers and good will so that you might share with someone a testimony of our work.

..How to get involved..

1. Attend an upcoming event

ARMi is on the move. See our calendar below to view what’s happening in the life of our community. We would love to meet you and share agape. Our Hope is that we will see you soon!

2. Visit our shop or give online

Financial support is a big need at ARMi. We’re looking for donors who share our passion and want to join the work. We hope you’d consider checking out our giving portal below.

3. Join the ARMiMEN

Interested in volunteering your efforts & talents and serving alongside the ARMi community? We encourage you to step out and become part of our team! Click below to find out more about joining ARMiMEN.

4. Read & share the ARMi blog

Each week we take joy in producing a discussion called “Dadication” presenting and examining issues and concerns that Dad’s today are interested in. Consider tuning in for up-to-date commentary and news, prayer requests, and ARMiMEN exclusives. Hit like and subscribe!

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